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Mofitan has no more faith in the Heart... until he meets the enemy he can't help but believe in. Disguised as a slave, Mofitan infiltrates the enemy forces on Eclipsis. Certain his people's Heart is all a lie, his only mission is to help his friends, to overthrow an evil man, and free the people of Eclipsis from a tyrant. Except the enemy's right hand man just might be the woman he's meant to be with. If the Heart isn't fooling him again, Mofitan is on the wrong side... or she is. Between sabotage, deep core mining, alien extermination and random explosions Mofitan has to work out how to get Corah on his team before she gets orders to take him out. If his heart wasn't breaking, he'd definitely be having the time of his life.Two lost souls must defend their world, but even if they save the kingdom, they risk losing each other forever...





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